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Here is more info about myself Im sure you will find my skills as amazing.


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301 Redirected and to

Posted on Dec 1 by

After some debate I decided to merge all my name sites into one site   For seo reasons I used 301 redirects all the other domains hoping that some of the link juice and rankings will carry over.  I did keep all the old content online I just moved them to sub directories of the site. Old Personal site made with Front Page back in 2002 My old flash portfolio web site, this site is cool but its hard to update and has not been updated In a very long time.  Plus the site is not professional enough for the type of clients I work with. while doing this I realized I have not been tracking any traffic on any of my org net domains.  So I added org .net to Google webmaster tools and started the domain name change request.  This is suppose to help Google know that the domain name as changed and hopefully help not loose any link juice.  Unfortunately I could not get it work; I was getting site not authorized errors....


History of net org

Posted on Jun 28 by

I just recently started working on my new portfolio web site, and decided to lunch it on the domain I have .org .net  and .com now each have a story.   My first domain I ever tried to buy was however it was taken so i purchased in 2000 it was my first domain ever.  The site was about my 3d art that I was doing at the time I was in high school, this at the time was my passion.  My 3d art was great for computer wallpapers so I started converted the web site into a wallpaper web site.  The site started increasing in traffic however was shot live due to a non payment on the domain and someone cyber squatting the domain.  Pretty much they snatch domains that are expiring and use the traffic to make money from advertising, or by selling the domain back and massive mark up. In fact I was quoted 2000 to get it back it was not worth so I registered for my wallpaper web site and down the line for a site about...

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